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I ended 2019, binge-reading the entire Wellington Series, and with tissues in hand, all I can say is, "Thank you," for a well-written journey from beginning to end. 

As a recent divorcee, thank you for showing me that there is chance for true love after infidelity. I must admit that my heart is a little more open to believing that I will find my own 'Micah.'

No one can tell me that this isn't a real relationship - I simply LOVE Micah & Sydni!

Our people need to see this story on the big screen.


I am sunshine on a cloudy day; an unapologetic pop of color in a world that's grey. I pen inspirational stories that encompass the human experience, intertwining the wisdom I've garnered over the course of my life.

My genre of writing is true fiction because what I write actually manifests. Translation: My stories come to life!

My desire is that my writing will bring a joyful smile to your lips, a nod of reliability to your head, or even a healing tear to your eye. Maybe you'll find yourself nestled between the pages of my stories and realize that you are not alone.


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I am now offering a two-hour consultation to help pinpoint your current journey, give you poignant and proven advice, and answer any questions you may have regarding self-publication of your e-book.
During the two-hour consultation via Zoom we will discuss your:
  • Writing Aspirations
  • Brand Establishment
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Presence
  • International Exposure/Distribution
... and much more!
"I was far from disappointed with my consultation with Sydni, not only do I now have solid blueprint for success, but have a confidence that I never had before."
~B. Wallace
"Completely astounded by Sydni's vision for my work. I am literally speechless with what she shared that she saw for my book. I am so excited to get started on path she created."
~V. Berg
"Completely astounded by Sydni's vision for my work. I am so excited to get started on path she created."
~V. Berg
A $175 nonrefundable deposit is required to get on my calendar. Remaining payment is due prior to consultation. All payments are nonrefundable. Email me to get started.
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