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The Interview (Wellington Series eBook One) $2.99

Burgeoning blogger Sydni Jones has snagged the ultimate interview with her childhood celebrity crush, television actor turned international movie star, Micah Wellington. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous, their chemistry is palpable. There’s only one problem; she’s married, he’s not. Forbidden  fruit is always the sweetest, but is it worth the bite?

​Audience: 18 +

Pages: 203


The Tour (Wellington Series eBook Two) $2.99

As the Wellington Series continues, the success of Sydni’s first published book has taken her from blogger to best selling author. Her literary agent, Eddie Lopez, has plans for an extensive national book tour to promote her work and expand her brand. As her star rises, will Micah’s mounting insecurity push her and their marriage to its breaking point?

​Audience: 18+

Pages: 117


The Truth (Wellington Series eBook Three)  $3.99

Sydni and Micah raised their children with the notion that there were no secrets in their house, but when they force their teenagers into a moment of honesty, will they be ready for the consequences of facing their own hidden truths?

Audience: 18+

Pages: 300


The Circle (Wellington Series eBook Four) $2.99

With their adult children now married, Sydni and Micah work to help them navigate the pressures of being newlyweds. Will revisiting their own lessons learned and the ghosts of their past help them to come full circle?

Audience: 18+​

Pages: 189


The Encore (Wellington Series eBook Five) $.299

The more things change, the more they remain the same. History is always repeating itself, and children mirror what they see. As the Wellington Series continues, it should come as no surprise to Sydni and Micah that their adult children are following in their footsteps - whether they intended to or not. Let the encore begin...

Audience: 18+

Pages: 282


The Vision (Wellington Series eBook Six) $2.99

Despite Micah's dismay, Paxton Bixby will always have a special place in Sydni's heart, after all - she did meet him first. In this final installment of the Wellington series, you'll meet the woman who has finally won the heart of 'Mr. Love 'em & Leave 'em'; becoming Mrs. Bixby.

Audience: 18+

Pages: 136


Thorns & Roses eBook $0.99


With a sprawling 4,000 sq. ft Atlanta suburban home, and two thriving careers, Lavender and Jaxon Rose have everything that they would want to be considered a complete couple - everything except for a baby. On a serious mission to add the missing piece to their life, will the Roses overcome their insurmountable thorns?

Audience: 18+

Pages: 164


Sin eBook $0.99


Attending the annual Stay Connected Halloween networking party was a given for Angel Buchanan. As a well-loved makeup artist in the blooming Atlanta movie industry, she's accustomed to dealing with various characters, but she's completely unprepared for her destined run-in with the handsome devil in the fire red, tailored suit. 

Audience: 18+

Pages: 205


7 Days eBook $0.00

On a lazy Saturday morning, Cali Cullen is browsing IKEA, looking for a house large plant; a final touch to decorate her new home. The last thing she expects is the handsome stranger who offers to assist her, to change her life forever. 

Audience: 18+



15 Years To Life eBook $0.99

After ending her fifteen year marriage, Leaf Lawson is rediscovering who she is, not only as a newly single mother, but also as a woman. 

When Tavin McGhee,  a classmate she's known since the fourth grade, makes his admiration known,  she struggles between being flattered by his pursuit and continuing to relish in her newfound freedom and peace.


Will Leaf fall for Tavin, or will she continue to float freely in the winds of singleness?

Audience: 18+

Pages: 133


2473 eBook $0.99

Shortly after Daphne and David Dillinger bury their mother, they discover a box of mysterious items she left behind in the attic of their childhood home.

Coupled with the twisted normality of their adolescence, they slowly began to understand the painful pieces of their macabre childhood, uncovering just how deeply into the dark arts she truly was.  



I ended 2019, binge-reading the entire Wellington Series, and with tissues in hand, all I can say is, "Thank you," for a well-written journey from beginning to end. 



As a recent divorcee, thank you for showing me that there is chance for true love after infidelity. I must admit that my heart is a little more open to believing that I will find my own 'Micah.'


 With the balance of ups and the downs in this book, no one can tell me that this isn't a real relationship. Our people need to see this story on the big screen.





I am sunshine on a cloudy day; an unapologetic pop of color in a world that's grey. I pen inspirational stories that encompass the human experience, intertwining the wisdom I've garnered over the course of my life.

My genre of writing is true fiction because what I write actually manifests. Translation: My stories come to life!

My desire is that my writing will bring a joyful smile to your lips, a nod of reliability to your head, or even a healing tear to your eye. Maybe you'll find yourself nestled between the pages of my stories and realize that you are not alone.




The self-published writing journey can be a lonely and daunting one, but it doesn't have to be. I offer the following services to help you navigate your path to the writing career of your dreams.

General Consultation (2-hours) $150SOLD OUT FOR 2020 

  • Help you establish where you are in your writing career vs. where you desire to be and determine the best path

  • Help you create a custom blueprint for your brand

  • Show you valuable marketing tips and resources

  • Discuss desires for your website (optional)

  • Discuss your book idea for ghostwriting (optional)

Author Website Creation $250: SOLD OUT FOR 2020

  • 1-Page, scrolling (Wix) website, up to five sections, includes mobile design compatibility, and SEO optimization

*Requires General Consultation ​(prior to scheduling)

Ghostwriting (Non-Fictions) $500SOLD OUT FOR 2020

  • Up to 30K words

  • Final file delivery .epub and .mobi

*Requires General Consultation (prior to scheduling)

Availability is limited. Payments are non-refundable.





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