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I ended the year, binge-reading the entire Wellington Series, and with tissues in hand, all I can say is, "Thank you," for a well-written journey from beginning to end. 

As a recent divorcee, thank you for showing me that there is chance for true love after infidelity. I must admit that my heart is a little more open to believing that I will find my own 'Micah.'

No one can tell me that this isn't a real relationship - I simply LOVE Micah & Sydni! We need to see this story on the big screen!

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Sydni Jones Wellington is an indie author and writing consultant from Atlanta, Georgia. She's penned the six full-length Wellington Series novels, detailing the emotional love story of an Atlanta blogger and her childhood celebrity crush, Micah Wellington: The Interview, The Tour, The Truth, The Circle, The Encore, The Vision.

Her gift of writing revealed itself at the age of eight, during a third grade creative writing spelling assignment. Years later she wrote for several digital e-zines, which reignited her passion for fictional writing. 

She quips that her genre of writing is "true fiction," because what she pens manifests itself in her waking life. 

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