The Interview (Wellington Series eBook One) $4.99

A burgeoning Atlanta blogger just scored the interview of a lifetime with her celebrity crush.

Their connection - instantaneous. 

Their chemistry - palatable. 

There's only one problem.

She's married, he's not.

Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, but is it worth the bite?

Audience: Mature Content

...based on a true story

The Tour (Wellington Series eBook Two) $4.99

Quietly, I finally finished my inspirational book and I couldn't be more excited about my accomplishment. I set out to prove that I could do it on my own, and I did! My writing career is taking off, in ways that I couldn't even imagine. So why does the beginning of my book tour feel like the end of my marriage? 


Audience: Mature Content

The Truth (Wellington Series eBook Three)  $5.99

Of all the hurdles that Micah and I have overcome, nothing could have prepared us for four seventeen-year-olds. Our family motto has always been: "No secrets in this house..." but neither one of us was ready for what happened with they discovered that we'd been keeping several big ones.


Audience: Mature Content


The Circle (Wellington Series eBook Four) $4.99

Micah and I have gracefully ushered our children into adulthood. Our love has weathered many storms and we're still standing strong. Life is a roller coaster that comes at you fast, whether you're ready or not, but never in a million years did I ever think that a medical issue would end our journey before we get the chance to come full circle.


Audience: Mature Content

The Encore (Wellington Series eBook Five) $4.99

The more things change, the more they remain the same. History is always repeating itself, and they say that your children mirror what they see. I guess it should come as no surprise that our children are following in our footsteps - whether they intended to or not. 


Audience: Mature Content

The Vision (Wellington Series eBook Six) $4.99

Paxton Bixby will always have a special place in my heart, and in this final installment of the Wellington series, you'll meet the woman who has gained top ranking in his.


Audience: Mature Content

The Wellington Series Bundle 

(7 eBooks) $19.99

Enjoy the complete journey of Sydni and Micah from the moment they meet, the fireworks that ignite, and all the ups and downs of their love story in this exclusive Wellington Series Bundle. 

Six full-length novels. No cliffhangers.

Mature Audiences Only. 

(Valued at over $30)

Audience: Mature Content

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