Thorns & Roses

With a sprawling 4,000 sq. ft. Atlanta suburban home, and two thriving careers, Lavender and Jaxon Rose have everything that they would want to be considered a complete couple - everything except for a baby. On a serious mission to add the missing piece to their life, will the Roses overcome their insurmountable thorns?

Audience: 18+
Pages: 164


Attending the annual Stay Connected Halloween networking party was a given for Angel Buchanan. As a well-loved makeup artist in the blooming Atlanta movie industry, she's accustomed to dealing with various characters, but she's completely unprepared for her destined run-in with the handsome devil in the fire red, tailored suit. 

​​Audience: 18+
Pages: 205


     Avia stood, smoothing the slight wrinkles from her form-fitting dress, “I have no doubt that you want me - as you should - but wanting me and being ready for me are two very different things.”

    “Avi…c’mon now,” Drexel sighed, dropping his head, “Avi… please.”

    “So, when you’re ready for me…” tossing him a final glance over her shoulder before her stilettos welcomed the pavement, she added, “Let me know and if you’re lucky, I’ll still be available... and interested. Goodbye Drex."

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7 Days Book Cover.png

7 Days

On a lazy Saturday morning, Cali Cullen is browsing IKEA, looking for a house large plant; a final touch to decorate her new home. The last thing she expects is the handsome stranger who offers to assist her, to change her life forever.

Audience: 18+
Pages: 98

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Shortly after Daphne and David Dillinger bury their mother, they discover a box of mysterious items she left behind in the attic of their childhood home.

​Coupled with the twisted normality of their adolescence, they slowly began to understand the painful pieces of their macabre childhood, uncovering just how deeply into the dark arts she truly was.

15 Years To Life - Sydni Jones Wellington.png

15 Years To Life

After ending her fifteen year marriage, Leaf Lawson is rediscovering who she is, not only as a newly single mother, but also as a woman. When Tavin McGhee,  a classmate she's known since the fourth grade, makes his admiration known,  she struggles between being flattered by his pursuit and continuing to relish in her newfound freedom and peace.

​​Audience: 18+
Pages: 133

Thirst (A Short Story)

A devoted wife and mother has had enough.

In a moment of passion, she does the unfathomable to her abusive, bible-thumping husband. But when the authorities arrive, what will they gather from the crime scene?

 Victim or Victor?
Murder or Self-defense?
It's a thin line determined by one's deepest thirst.